You just weren't content with Bulbasaur, you wouldn't even settle for Ivysaur. You just HAD to want MOAR.


I hope you're happy, 'cause it's VENUSAUR time. Venusaur was named after the god of love Venus by some deranged maniac named Prof. Oak. It lives ANYWHERE IT WANTS in the jungle because it ATE ITS EX-LANDLORD. The flower grows to a huge size and gains the ability to act as a cross between a solar panel and a death ray as well as its regular power.


Don't trust the pretty flowers, IT'S EVIL!

A sign of it about to attack is is when its eyes go bloodshot, usually people are too scared to move when they see it and sit there in a stupid daze. Despite this, it is still considered kind of weak as you can still defeat it by setting your psychic sky shovel on fire. It can however do a little thing called Mega Evolution. Good thing it can't mega evolve naturally, or everything in the jungle would go extinct.