Standard twelvie.

Twelvies are certain humans aged between 8 and 18 and are the Australian subspecies of MLG. They tend to be into Pokemon, Call Of duty, Grand Theft Auto, Five Nights at Freddie's and other games that are not Pokemon that also are horrible (Pokemon is not horrible). They however, are disrespected by everyone including other Pokemon people due to the fact they are immature people trying to be mature and failing miserably. Twelvies hunt for overrated Pokemon such as Pikachu and Charizard and are employed by the diseased maniac Prof. Oak to kidnap Pokemon so he may stare at them until he learns something. Prof. Oak in fact, used to be a Twelvie before he got too old. You can sight a Twelvie worshipping the ground lucario walks on and training their coolest-looking Pokemon and leave their others to be weak and salty. Most Pokemon who know about humans despise the Twelvie and try to lead them to fields of sleeping Electrodes. Twelvies are usually not aware that they are Twelvies and therefore get offended when they are labelled Twelvies.