Dexcollab entry turtwig by ezeqquiel-d431vis

The strong-willed plant creature thing.

Turtwig, the tiny leaf Pokemon, has baffled scientists for a long time. They do not know if the sapling growing on its head is actually a sapling, or is just made of plastic. If it is real, then does it grow on the Pokemon? Or is it the Pokemon? The majority say the latter, and that the sprout attaches to the host's brain and takes control of it. It can be seen that the this plant grows from a sapling to a bush and finally a tree. Some say that the whole Grass type thing is a decoy and it doesn't show its true type. It could be a Bug with that wacky design. Additionally, some say it is a Rock type, as it stats are kinda like a Rock type, but most dismiss this as a coincidence. Most say the creature was bug type but transformed to a grass type when the sapling took over the unfortunate Pokemon's brain. The sapling could be conscious as it lets the host grow with it, but never allows it to outgrow the plant. There is a small group that says that the plant is of alien origin and its intelligence and power take the shape of plants. There is an even smaller group that say that pretty much everything mentioned above is complete garbage, and that Turtwig is just a cute lil' turtle with a plant on its head. Pff, yeah right. It 'evolves' into a bush Pokemon before becoming an ecosystem. Say what you will about Turtwig, but he doesn't just chill out in an ecosystem. He becomes one.