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Da Rulez

These are the main rules, right in plain sight just so you can see what's going on. Obey these or we send The Gyarados Squad over to your bathtub.


No sexual refrences, innuendos are acceptable when used sparingly (children might be coming in here. They might make you feel bad as they write more disgusting pages than you).

Keep gore to a MINIMUM. Something crying blood is the absolute limit you may stretch this to. Seriously, it's gross and generally tasteless.

No swearing please. We want to keep a friendly(ish) environment. Minor swearing is allowed, but nothing too rude.

Please use drug references sparingly. Find something else you find funny that doesn't break the rules if you can.

No trolling. This includes leaving the same message more than twice, just insulting people for no reason and other attempts at annoying people for the sake of annoying people.

Racism is banned. Black people with fried Pokemon, calling nationalities Pokemon because they are our slaves etc. will be removed. 3 repeated offenses or more will have you banned for a day.

Page creation

Add at least 4 sentences and an image to a paragraph and an image.

The page must be related to Pokemon in a reasonable way. Obscure reasons don't count (e.g. Mario ran into a Pokemon once, who stole his spaghetti, this somehow got him transported to the Pokemon world.) Page will be accepted if there is enough junk that makes it relevant (by Unwiki standards). Mostly because our founder is too lazy to rename the Wiki if it gets out of hand.

The general rules also apply.

If any of the rules are broken, the swearing, gore and innuendos can be edited out, but anything else will get your page deleted.


General rules apply to an image

You may use a video with some general rule violations, but please add a warning lable. Adding R18+ content Will get you a temporary ban.

Add more. MOAR!!! please, of course.

Brain is happy

All bow before our lord, Communist Psyduck!