Satoshi Tajiri

Hello there, Children.

Satoshi Tajiri is the creator of the pokemon franchise. Satoshi was born in 1863 in a on the planet of Betelgrease-Zeta. Satoshi then emigrated to Earth under the interplanetary tourism act of the Drongo Empire. Many of his family moved to Australia when they moved to Earth but Satoshi decided he would move to Japan.

Satoshi's work was heavily influenced by the native creatures of his homeplanet, many of which were exactly the same as those on Earth except more ravenous, The Tajiri family had moved after their livestock tackled each other to death. Satoshi briefly attempted a career as the popstar $ato$hi, he was before his time in the year 1932. Tajiri famously created the company Gamefreak and produced Pokemon in partnership with Nintendo (Another federation from his home System).

Satoshi Tajiri is celebrated worldwide as 'that guy who made pokeymon'.