The level of skill that pro players think they have.

A "Pro player" is what competitive players refer to themselves as when they think they have grasped the deep concepts of the Pokeyman metagame, but really are just copying the party of the last guy who beat them in a battle. Due to this excellent team-building strategy, pro players change their Pokemon party very often.

Characteristics Edit

While there are admirable members of the competitive community, mainly the guys who use Metronome and level 1 Rattata, a significant percentage of these people are just pro players. Don't take them seriously. Don't even accept their invitation to a battle. Just tell them that you think they're Fishing Balls and get on with your already wasted life. If you see anyone with two or more of the following, they're probably a pro player:

  • An unwashed Pokemon T-Shirt; probably with an outdated Type Chart printed on it.
  • Shiny Pachirisus.
  • Empty cereal bowls and/or Pepsi cans discarded around their property.
  • Hacking all members of their party so they know at least one copy of the move Stealth Rock, regardless of their species.
  • Shiny Pachirisus.
  • A New 3DS XL with a special edition Pokemon case and stylus.
  • Shiny Blazikens.
  • A printed version of the entire website.
  • An obnoxious personality.
  • Pokerus. (Themselves, not their Pokemon).
  • Shiny Pachirisus.
  • A party full of shiny Pachirisus that have perfect IVs, all EVs in Speed and Attack, and all know Stealth Rock.
  • Virgin Unemployed statuses.
    Pro players

    The level of skill that pro players have.