A Jenny breaking at least three different laws and four police regulations.

After the embarrassment of their first cloning project, Silph Co. decided to aim low, only expecting their second batch of clones to be competent policewomen. Instead, they ended up with some of the most irresponsible, immature, idiotic and incompetent police officers the world has ever known. And no, it's not just because they're women. Officer Jennys (Jennies?) are an utter disgrace to law enforcement, showing no commitment to their job and pretty much do whatever seems like the most exciting thing to do at the time. They're young, they're reckless, they're irresponsible and they know nothing about their profession. A small percentage of the offenses that the Jenny/ies (referenced from here on out as 'OJs' to avoid spelling issues) have committed are listed below:

Officer Jenny BW-0

In 2010 OJs around the nation were forced to cut their hair to regulation length. As a compromise, they were allowed to wear whatever uniform they wished.

  • Disregarding Dress Codes.
  • Shooting first and asking questions later.
  • Abandoning their duties to waste their time helping young children with trivial issues.
  • Showing unnecessary brutality to otherwise non-threatening criminals.
  • Failing to differentiate different species of Pokemon.
  • Failing to recognize when an evil organisation is plotting a master plan.
  • Failing to stop said organisation from extracting said master plan.
  • Unauthorized and unlicensed use of motor vehicles.
  • Killing a teenager for owning a Nintendo Wii.
    JW 1-0

    The former-Jenny "Luxray Girl" orders her beast to "punish" a jaywalker.

It's gotten so bad that some OJs have even left their police duties behind entirely, becoming street vigilantes dedicated to hunting down and punishing litterbugs and fashion criminals.

Officer Jenny XY

The police department eventually decided allowing OJs to have long hair was better than them showing that much skin.

Although the OJs appear to have cleaned up their act at times, they always revert back to being utterly useless cops.

Officer Jenny EToP

Officer Jenny realizes she forgot to wear her skirt to work.

Many conspiracists have theorized that Silph Co. made the OJs terrible intentionally, in order to weaken the world's police force. With the police force weakened, more crime will ensue. More crime will lead to more violence, which will lead to more Pokemon being injured. Due to the number of patients increasing, Pokemon Centers will have to buy more Joys from Silph in order to operate efficiently. This is not likely Silph's true intention however, considering they have recently become a company that specializes in producing nothing but cellphones, rope and Virtual Boys.