The design specs of the first generation of "Joys". They would later be updated to be a lot less realistic.

Project J.O.Y. was the code-name given to the semi-successful military cloning project developed by Silph Co. in the 1970s. However, despite being genetically modified to be ruthless warriors that enjoy nothing more than seeing the blood and pain of their enemies, the "Joys" were utterly useless as soldiers. Unfortunately, Silph only discovered this defect after manufacturing almost one hundred of these beings. Since the act of murdering an artificially created human wouldn't be legal for another twenty-five years, Silph had to get creative to dispose of these girls. Because of this, Silph's creative developed team, known as GameFreak, were immediately tasked with finding an alternative way of selling these attractive female clones to the general public. After very little discussion and debate, they unanimously decided that the most logical thing to do was to sell these beautiful young women to single males who were desperate for additional nurses at their surgical clinics for Pokemon. This way, the Joys could enjoy the pleasure of handling Pokemon that have been severely injured.