Muk, the evolution of Grimer, is double the goop, double your pleasure! Why settle for just a large amount of purple sticky substance when you could have MOAR?! Muk is naturally formed from the nutrient-dense toxic wastes of Gringy City, so just one touch from this revolutionary product and your skin will feel 10 years younger, instantly! You do remember your skin being hideously disfigured 10 years ago, right? You don't? Well, that's because you've gone so long without using Muk! Not only does Muk do wonders for your fragile skin, but its beautiful odor is something so out-of-this-world that you'll faint with euphoria! It's so stinky-ly fabulous! Muk is available at all good beauty and healthcare stores.

Stealthrockpedia and its users take no responsibilty from any effects not advertised that may or may not occur when using Muk. And no, we're not making the 'kum' joke.