Mewtwo shows how much of a cool guy he is by crushing the internal organs of a ten year old boy.

Mewtwo is a Pokemon that is not known to have evolved from any other Pokemon. You n00bs out there may think that it's the evolution of Mew, but real pros know that Mewtwo having any other forms is just crazy talk . It is a genderless Pokemon, so it has a significantly lower amount of sexual fan art than others. This all changed when those crazy French got a hold of Mewtwo's DNA and gave it two additional forms; Mega Mewtwo X chromasome and Mega Mewtwo Y chromasome.


Mewtwo has a long purple noodle tail awkwardly sticking out of it. Mewtwo also kinda looks like a cat, like Mew, but much bigger. One could say that their noodle tail has also increased in size. 


This guy has a catch rate of 3%, so good luck catching it. If you do, it will feel like you just took a ton of Nintendope.

Finally, Mewtwo does have a leveling up rate, but it is as slow as Ash.

It does not have any friends.