He is the flame that burns brightest.A flame that lights the night. A flame that shatters the darkness. He is a FLAMING MOLTRES.

James is a highly intelligent member of an elite organisation that through his career has learnt that ten year olds who own a Twelvie-bait Pokemon is pretty much unstoppable. His brave discoveries have only been ignored as countless (5) organisations have been stopped by them. He later quit the organisation to join the communist mafia.

His Pokemon are:

A "loyal" grass type with sharp edges (for an edgy trainer)

A Chimecho who is never let outside her ball as the last time he tried that, he found her drunk in a gutter next to Pikachu. This only confirms his experiments of Pikachu being a terrible Pokemon to be true.

HIMSELF, because he is a Moltres (not really, in truth, Moltres evolve into him)

A true video of him:

James is FLAMING

James is FLAMING