A typical human.


A typical human mating session.

Humans are some of least important species in the world. They may have founded many civilizations, invented many tools and studied numerous species of Pokemon, but ultimately they haven't really done anything impressive to affect the planet, let alone the universe. Theoretically speaking, Reshiram could catch a cold one day and wipe out the entirety of mankind, and nothing much will change. When this planent is visited by beings from another world, there is a great possibility that they would be more interested in the progression of Feebas as species. Seriously, most humans can't even learn how to use Tackle. And yet, this article is still dedicated to describing them in all their insignificant glory. The main reason why such a detailed entry on the creatures exists, is because the humans writing it like to think that they are at the center of the universe and/or created Pokemon.

To the credit of humans though, they are the only animal on the planet which has a name that has a different plural spelling.