Communist Psyduck our Wiki's lord and true mascot. All bow before him! It all happened when Our founder

Brain is happy

Praise our lord Communist Psyduck!

Communist Psyduck

Communist Psyduck, in the formal U.S.S.R. attire.

accidentally edited a creepy image of Psyduck Arceus had the hiccups and tried to make the original Psyduck. He then hiccuped again and created Mew. Communist Psyduck was then kicked off Psyduckia when Giratina swept all Pokemon including some of the Psyducks off in his rage. Communist Psyduck crash landed in Russia and lay encased in ice for millions of years. During this time, his brain was actually soothed enough to contain all the knowledge that Arceus had bestown on all Psyducks and became the strongest Psychic type (stronger than Mega Mewtwo). To avoid too much publicity from the dreaded Twelvies, Communist Psyduck decided to hide in this wiki and pretend to the world he was actually weaker than us.