Charmeleon is Charmander's aggro adolescent stage. Its stats are similar to Charmander, except it likes


What a Charmeleon looks like when it wakes up at 9a.m. It is most dangerous in this form

to drink Red Bull and is more aggressive. Charmeleons tend to complain about Pokemon that haven't evolved, Pokemon that have fully evolved and trainers, especially Twelvies. The typical Charmeleon sleeps until 11:30a.m. and goes to bed at 2:15a.m. by spending the night lighting things on fire for the fun of it. It's hobbies include; playing Grand Theft Auto, burning things, beating up Twelvies and burning more miscellaneous objects.

Charmeleon eventually evolves into the unmighty Charizard, but tries not to due to their allergies to Twelvie saliva.