Oh no, where do we begin? Charizard is the no.1 overrated Pokemon to walk the earth. It's what happens


Not that impressive.

when Charmeleon is forced by their Twelvie masters to evolve. They are as aggro as Charmeleons, except they have more weaknesses. They gain immunity to ground, but lose their strength against ice types, and they become weak to electric types AND they become weaker to rock types. This means IT'S STEALTH ROCK TIME! To get these annoying dragons off your property, throw rocks at them, the pointier the better. This is one of the favoured Pokemon of Twelvies and having one is a sign of immaturity. Despite myths, it is 5 ft 2, meaning the average human is taller than it, so it isn't that impressive. The most common remark other Pokemon have about it is "You look taller on TV..." Charizard is so loved by Twelvies,


This is actually cool. It's also got the redeeming factor of actually being a dragon type.

Nintendo had to give it two mega evolutions, a cool one and a not-so-cool one. It was supposed to be Mewtwo's gimmick, but the Twelvies bought an illegal copy online and sold it to the Charizards because Twelvies have as much sense as broccoli.