Pokemon - Caterpie

Caterpie looks normal enough...

Creepy Caterpie

You cannot grasp the true form of Caterpie!

Caterpie fools everyone with its cute bug looks. Caterpie is named as such because it is a caterpillar that likes to eat pies. Little does anyone know that the pies which they eat are made of humans. Caterpie especially love to eat twelvies because they have tender immature flesh. They are also masters of the legal studies and often use it to defend themselves. One inquiry by the Royal Mewtwo Commission attempted to find a correlation between Caterpie being found innocent for murders and the judges at these courts being Caterpie. The Mewtwo attempted to use mind reading on the Caterpie but the adorable bug-type Pokemon had complex psychic barriers. The Mewtwo Commission was found dead a week later, but the verdict was that they had contracted Pokerus.