Bulbasaur (or Blubbersore in European countries) is a dimented cross between a plant and a dahnahsoah. It



lives in jungles where no one can hear its victims scream. There, it sprays them with pollen, then EATS THEM!!! The bulb itself is full of teeth which are used to eat its prey and spray with digestive juice inside it. The veins connected to the dinosaur bit transfer the nutrient around, meaning it can still fight while it's eating and never have to slow down.

It is a grass and poison type, so it is weak against steel, fire, flying and psychic. For an easy defeat, hit it with a psychic burning shovel from the sky. It is good against water, grass and fighting. That's it. Its types cancel out strength against ground, rock or bug so it is self defeating to use it since THOSE ARE SOME OF THE COMMON TYPES!

Its moves include;

  • Spraying people with poisonous pollen
  • Releasing vines that strangle the opponent
  • Cutting people with painful leaves

The horrors don't stop there, Bulbasaur evolves into its more evil form, Ivysaur and then the dreaded Venusaur.

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